[MacPorts-announce] MacPorts 1.7.0 has been released

Bryan Blackburn blb at macports.org
Sun Dec 14 05:14:23 CET 2008

The MacPorts Project is happy to announce that, after nearly a year in
the making, the 1.7.0 version has been released.  It is now available
via the usual methods:

 - selfupdate if you already have it installed
 - package installers in DMGs for 10.3 [1], 10.4 [2], and 10.5 [3] (the
   latter two being universal builds)
 - source tarballs, both .tar.bz2 [4] and .tar.gz [5]
 - subversion tag [6]

The list of what's new in 1.7.0 is quite extensive (so I won't list it here),
the details can be found in the NEWS [7] file or the somewhat more
exhaustive ChangeLog [8].

A big thanks to the developers for their hard work with all of the various
features and bug fixes in 1.7.0, and to everyone for your patience while
waiting for this version.

Detached PGP signatures for the DMGs and source tarballs have been made
with my key, which is available on the keyservers and my MacPorts wiki
page [9].


[1] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/downloads/MacPorts-1.7.0/MacPorts-1.7.0-10.3-Panther.dmg>

[2] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/downloads/MacPorts-1.7.0/MacPorts-1.7.0-10.4-Tiger.dmg>

[3] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/downloads/MacPorts-1.7.0/MacPorts-1.7.0-10.5-Leopard.dmg>

[4] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/downloads/MacPorts-1.7.0/MacPorts-1.7.0.tar.bz2>

[5] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/downloads/MacPorts-1.7.0/MacPorts-1.7.0.tar.gz>

[6] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/tags/release_1_7_0>

[7] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/branches/release_1_7/base/NEWS>

[8] - <http://svn.macports.org/repository/macports/branches/release_1_7/base/ChangeLog>

[9] - <http://trac.macports.org/wiki/blb>

PS, my PGP key ID is 2952D7AF,
fingerprint BEB4 6B21 320E 737F F176  2D15 C853 3784 2952 D7AF

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