[MacPorts-announce] Open access to the MacPorts Wiki

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Thu May 8 22:27:22 CEST 2008

	Good afternoon all!

	Since this morning we've decided to open up editing access to our  
wiki to all those registered Trac users, not just projects members as  
it used to be until now.

	This means that from now on any of you (with a valid Trac  
registration) will be able to jump right in and start giving us a hand  
with documentation on almost any topic you might want. So I'd like to  
make this message an open invitation to all those who wish to  
contribute with HowTo's, FAQs, testimonials or anything of the sort,  
we are open to improvements.

	The guide (guide.macports.org, still in development in some areas)  
will remain as the most authoritative source of documentation with  
respect to MacPorts itself, installation, setup, develpment,  
Portfiles, the project & organization, etc, while the wiki is viewed  
as a more "live" source of information, e.g. for tutorials on setting  
up a MAMP server, FAQS and others. It would be nice to try and keep  
this distinction.

	Notifications of changes will be posted to the macports-changes  
mailing list as a diff of the page you are editing against its  
previous revision, so feel free to subscribe if you´re interested in  
keeping track of documentation progress. Your editor's information (e- 
mail address and originating IP) will also be posted in these  
notifications, for tracking purposes, so please refrain from  
participating if you have problems with this.

	So, without anything further to say, please give  warm welcome to our  
now much more open documentation effort!



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