[MacPorts-announce] Web site and downloads now accelerated by MaxCDN

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Mar 14 07:32:27 CET 2016

The MacPorts project is delighted to announce that our main web site and
primary file distribution web servers are now being accelerated by the
MaxCDN content delivery network. With servers in multiple North American
and European locations, many users will experience faster access to our
web site and faster downloads of distfiles and archives when installing
ports. You may have noticed this already; this change was made four
weeks ago, and since then the CDN has already delivered over 10TB of
data for MacPorts. We are very grateful to MaxCDN for donating this
service to us and for its support of open-source software.


We also reiterate our very great thanks and gratitude to the many
universities and other organizations providing MacPorts mirror servers.



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