[MacPorts-announce] Google Summer of Code 2017: Get surprises while working on MacPorts this summer

Jackson Isaac ijackson at macports.org
Wed Mar 1 03:42:40 UTC 2017


This is a notice to all of you who are a student accepted into or
enrolled in a college, university or masters programs:

Google Summer of Code is a yearly program offering students stipends to
write code for Open Source projects. Students can choose one of many
mentoring organizations to work for. MacPorts is taking place in the
program since 2007 and has been accepted once again for 2017!

You may apply to work on MacPorts for this summer and get $6600 USD[1] as
stipend (also some cool things). There is no requirement for any
contribution to MacPorts
or other Open Source projects before, it is only expected that you show
us the motivation to work on your task.

Each organization provides experienced mentor(s) to discuss your task(s)
beforehand and will give you advice during implementation. This is a
great opportunity to start into Open Source development.

We have a list of ideas with possible tasks for MacPorts and additional
information about the application process:

Of course we are also open to any ideas you might bring up. In any case,
get in contact with us and discuss your proposal with us before handing
in the application. You may contact us on #macports on freenode.net or
our mailing lists[2].

[1] https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/help/student-stipends
[2] https://trac.macports.org/wiki/MailingLists

Looking forward to a great summer,
Jackson Isaac

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