[MacPorts-announce] New MacPorts ports database site

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Mon Aug 19 04:17:27 UTC 2019

MacPorts' new ports database is live at <https://ports.macports.org/>.
Please consider installing the "mpstats" port to enable submission of
anonymous information about your system and installed ports for
statistical purposes.

The information collected is currently:
* MacPorts version
* OS name and version
* CPU architecture
* Selected C++ standard library
* Xcode, command line tools, and GCC versions
* Name, version, selected variants, and requested status of each
installed port
* A UUID so we can tell whether submissions are from distinct users

The site also shows which OS versions each port was successfully built
on, has links to open Trac tickets, and more.

This new site is the result of much hard work by our GSoC student,
Arjun Salyan. We hope you find it useful.

(on behalf of the MacPorts Port Managers)

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