Build Failure on ports-10.10_x86_64: py34-bcolz

buildbot at buildbot at
Thu Nov 15 22:11:26 UTC 2018

Status:       Failure
Build slave:  ports-10.10_x86_64
Full logs:
Build reason: A build was forced by 'ryandesign <ryandesign at localhost>': force build
Port list:    py-beautifulsoup py-biopython py-barnaba py-backports-ssl_match_hostname py-bcdoc py-backports-ssl py-backports.csv py-backports.weakref py-backports-functools_lru_cache py-bcolz py-billiard py-bdist_mpkg py-bitarray py-bcrypt py-bitstring py-backports-lzma py-backports_abc py-backports-shutil_get_terminal_size py-beaker py-baker py-blaze py-beautifulsoup4 py-biggles
Subport list:
	- py-backports-shutil_get_terminal_size
	- py27-biggles
	- py-biggles
	- py34-bcolz
Variants:     None
Build time:   0:20:59

Log from failed builds:
	Building 'py34-bcolz' ... [ERROR]
	> maintainers: stromnov at

Broken ports:
	- py34-bcolz

Responsible maintainers:
	- stromnov at

Links to individual build jobs:
- ports-10.10_x86_64-builder #72348
- ports-10.10_x86_64-builder #72349
- ports-10.10_x86_64-builder #72350
- ports-10.10_x86_64-builder #72351

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