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Wed Dec 12 23:27:56 PST 2007

Revision: 31991
Author:   jmpp at macports.org
Date:     2007-12-12 23:27:55 -0800 (Wed, 12 Dec 2007)

Log Message:
Assure the reader that his shell's configuration file is backed if necessary before we edit it.

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Modified: trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml
--- trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml	2007-12-13 07:19:31 UTC (rev 31990)
+++ trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/installing.xml	2007-12-13 07:27:55 UTC (rev 31991)
@@ -177,7 +177,9 @@
               The "postflight" script bundled with our "pkg" installer is
               run by Apple's Installer.app after MacPorts is installed, in order
-              to setup a MacPorts-compatible shell environment:
+              to setup a MacPorts-compatible shell environment by editing the appropriate
+              shell configuration file (which is properly backed up if necessary
+              with an "mpsaved_$timestamp" suffix before proceeding):
                   <para>The "/opt/local/bin" &amp; "/opt/local/sbin" paths are

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