propchange - r32353 svn:log

ryandesign at ryandesign at
Thu Dec 27 08:18:26 PST 2007

Author: ryandesign at
Revision: 32353
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:

$(find . -type f \! -path "*.svn/*" | xargs grep -nH mp_version) assures me nothing else but macports::selfupdate and macports::version
reads the ${prefix}/etc/macports/mp_version installed file, and I've already taken care of those to to read $macports::autoconf::macports_version
for our version number instead, so let's not install the base/config/mp_version file anymore.

Note that base/config/mp_version cannot disappear from svn, though, as that's what's read by macports::selfupdate to determine if the
selfupdate'd sources are newer than what's installed.

BRAINSTORM: After this commit, the ${prefix}/etc/macports/mp_version installed file is going to stall and thus might confuse people,
so should we delete it upon installing a new release?

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