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Revision: 30449
Author:   jmpp at macports.org
Date:     2007-10-27 23:15:47 -0700 (Sat, 27 Oct 2007)

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Add project naming and credit attribution guidelines to the HACKING file.

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Modified: trunk/base/HACKING
--- trunk/base/HACKING	2007-10-28 06:04:06 UTC (rev 30448)
+++ trunk/base/HACKING	2007-10-28 06:15:47 UTC (rev 30449)
@@ -1,3 +1,14 @@
+Project naming and copyright attribution:
+* "The MacPorts Project" is the string that shall be used whereever there's a need to reference our project name, such as in copyright notices.
+* A developer or contributor is adviced to attribute himself a copyright notice if he/she is contributing a full new source file or a full new feature
+  to an already existing source file in the "base" component of our repository.
+* An exception to this rule is our Portfiles, since they are partly meant for human eyes consumption and the boilerplate header comments should be kept
+  down to a minimum
+* A copyright notice attributed to our group name, "The MacPorts Project", should also be added to these source files (if not already there) if they're
+  being uploaded to the "base" component of our repository, since as such they are being contributed to the project.
 Whitespace rules as discussed on the list:
 * All source code files MUST use soft tabs at a tabstop of 4. No hard tabs are allowed.

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