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Author:   gwhitney at macports.org
Date:     2008-12-26 16:03:47 -0800 (Fri, 26 Dec 2008)
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Oops, update man page port.1 for r44340 change as well

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Modified: trunk/base/doc/port.1
--- trunk/base/doc/port.1	2008-12-26 23:57:14 UTC (rev 44349)
+++ trunk/base/doc/port.1	2008-12-27 00:03:47 UTC (rev 44350)
@@ -248,13 +248,15 @@
 .Dl "port search vim"
 .Ss info
-Displays all the meta-information available for
+Displays meta-information available for
 .Ar portname .
 Specific meta-information may be requested through an option such as
 .Fl -maintainer
 .Fl -category
-(recognized field names are those from the PortIndex). If the global option
+(recognized field names are those from the PortIndex, see "port help
+info" for a complete list). If no specific fields are specified, a
+useful default collection of fields will be displayed. If the global option
 .Fl q
 is in effect, the meta-info fields will not be labeled.
 If the option
@@ -262,6 +264,11 @@
 is provided, all such data will be consolidated into a single line per port,
 suitable for processing in a pipe of commands.
 If the option
+.Fl -pretty
+is provided, the information will be formatted in a somewhat more
+attractive fashion for human readers. This is the default when no
+options at all are specified to info.
+If the option
 .Fl -index
 is provided, the information will be pulled from the PortIndex rather than
 from the Portfile (in this case variant information, such as dependencies,
@@ -273,6 +280,7 @@
 .Dl "port info --category --name apache*"
 .Dl "port -q info --category --name --version category:java"
 .Dl "port info --line --category --name all"
+.Dl "port info --pretty --fullname --depends gtk2"
 .Dl "port info --index python24"
 .Ss variants
 Lists the build variants available for
@@ -280,6 +288,7 @@
 .Ss deps
 Lists the other ports that are required to build and run
 .Ar portname .
+This is simply an alias for "info --pretty --fullname --depends".
 .Ss dependents
 Lists the installed ports that depend on the port
 .Ar portname .
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