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--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2008-12-29 02:45:00 UTC (rev 44462)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2008-12-29 02:51:38 UTC (rev 44463)
@@ -9970,6 +9970,8 @@
 variants {doc universal} depends_build port:pkgconfig variant_desc {doc {Build man pages} universal {Build for multiple architectures}} portdir x11/awesome description {awesome is a tiling window manager} homepage http://awesome.naquadah.org/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name awesome depends_lib {lib:libXext.6:xorg-libXext lib:libXft.2:Xft2 lib:libXinerama.1:xorg-libXinerama lib:libXrandr.2:xorg-libXrandr port:cairo port:libconfuse} maintainers {milosh openmaintainer} long_description {awesome is a tiling window manager initially based on a dwm code rewriting. It is extremely fast, small, dynamic and awesome. Windows can be managed in several layouts: tiled, maximized and floating. Each layout can be applied on the fly, optimizing the environment for the application in use and the task performed. awesome has the following features: very stable, no mouse needed, multihead support, some real transparency support, some xrandr support, no lua integration, no 9P support, no editable 
 tagbars, no limits on its source size, key, script and mouse bindings, etc.} categories {x11 x11-wm} version 2.0 revision 1
 bdftopcf 462
 variants {macosx universal} depends_build {port:pkgconfig port:autoconf port:automake} variant_desc {macosx {Platform variant, do not select manually} universal {Build for multiple architectures}} portdir x11/bdftopcf description {X11 bdftopcf} homepage http://www.x.org epoch 0 platforms darwin name bdftopcf depends_lib lib:libXfont.1:xorg-libXfont maintainers jeremyhu long_description {Convert X font from BDF to PCF} categories x11 version 1.0.1 revision 0
+bitmap 565
+variants universal depends_build port:pkgconfig variant_desc {universal {Build for multiple architectures}} portdir x11/bitmap description {Bitmap editor and converter utilities for X11} homepage http://www.x.org/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name bitmap depends_lib {lib:libX11.6:xorg-libX11 lib:libXt:xorg-libXt lib:libXmu:xorg-libXmu lib:libSM:xorg-libsm lib:libXaw:xorg-libXaw lib:libXp:xorg-libXp lib:libXpm:xpm} maintainers {blb openmaintainer} long_description {{Bitmap editor and converter utilities for X11}} categories {x11 graphics} version 1.0.3 revision 0
 blackbox 677
 variants {darwin_7 universal} variant_desc {darwin_7 {Platform variant, do not select manually} universal {Build for multiple architectures}} portdir x11/blackbox description {Blackbox is a fast, light window manager} homepage http://blackboxwm.sourceforge.net epoch 0 platforms {darwin freebsd} name blackbox depends_lib {lib:libXext.6:xorg-libXext lib:libXft.2:Xft2 port:expat port:libiconv} maintainers pmq long_description {Blackbox is that fast, light window manager you have been looking for without all those annoying library dependancies. If you have a C++ compiler and the X Window System you can compile and use it.} version 0.70.1 categories {x11 x11-wm} revision 0
 blt 537
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