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 ==== Portfile Format ====
 The portfile format shall be extended with an additional attribute to mark those ports that can not be installed without root privileges, such as those requiring StartupItems.
+''I've added the following new options to the Portfile format: patch.asroot, build.asroot, configure.asroot, destroot.asroot, and install.asroot. These take a boolean (yes/no) value. The default for all but install.asroot is no. install.asroot's default value is yes.''
 ==== Privilege Escaltion ====
 I would feel that the best behavior for if MacPorts is requested to perform a privileged operation for a port, if it currently has no privileged access would be for the user to be given the choice of elevating privileges (by evoking sudo), installing in a fakeroot or aborting. The complications are that there is currently no way of knowing whether a port needs privileges, creating a fakeroot mechanism, cleanly elevating and de-elevating privileges.


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