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Fri Jul 25 00:26:23 PDT 2008

Revision: 38558
Author:   ryandesign at macports.org
Date:     2008-07-25 00:26:23 -0700 (Fri, 25 Jul 2008)
Log Message:
portfile-phase.xml: update parallel build documentation for changes in portbuild.tcl in r38556

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Modified: trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/portfile-phase.xml
--- trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/portfile-phase.xml	2008-07-25 07:06:16 UTC (rev 38557)
+++ trunk/doc-new/guide/xml/portfile-phase.xml	2008-07-25 07:26:23 UTC (rev 38558)
@@ -2458,7 +2458,9 @@
           port to use multiple CPUs or multiple cores in parallel during its
           build phase. If <code>use_parallel_build</code> is set to
           <quote>yes</quote> in a given port, the option <option>-j N</option>
-          is passed to the <command>make</command> command where
+          is passed to <varname>${build.cmd}</varname> (if
+          <varname>${build.cmd}</varname> is <command>make</command> or
+          <command>scons</command>) where
           <option>N</option> represents the number of parallel build threads
           defined by the variable <varname>buildmakejobs</varname> in
           <filename>macports.conf</filename>. The default value of
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