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+MacPorts.Framework (Beta) RELEASE NOTES
+MacPorts.Framework 1.0.0
+MacPorts url : http://www.macports.org/
+MacPorts.Framework is an Objective-C Framework wrapper around the MacPorts Tcl API.
+MacPorts.Framework requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 (or later versions of Mac OS X) to run without
+issues. It runs on both ppc and Intel archs since it is compiled as a
+universal 32-bit binary.
+MacPorts.Framework is currently distributed as a port named MacPorts_Framework.
+If you have MacPorts installed, you can install by entering (without the quotes)
+"port install MacPorts_Framework" or "sudo install MacPorts_Framework" (if
+your MacPorts installation requires permissions) into the command line 
+The installed MacPorts.Framework is located in /Library/Frameworks/.
+Alternatively, you can download the source code using svn and build it
+with Xcode 3.0 or later.
+"svn co https://svn.macosforge.org/repository/macports/branches/gsoc08-framework/MacPorts_Framework_Release"
+Documentation for the Framework classes can also be obtained with svn:
+"svn co https://svn.macosforge.org/repository/macports/branches/gsoc08-framework/MacPorts_Framework_Documentation"
+or you can download a .zip version from
+The main classes for port manipulation are MPMacPorts and MPPort classes.
+MPInterpreter is used internally by those and other classes and is not intended
+for use by Framework users. In particular, MPInterpreter is not inherently
+thread safe.
+Port Activity Notifications
+During port operations, MacPorts.Framework sends various types of 
+NSNotifications. See MPNotifications' documentation for more info. on that.
+Framework users (especially those using the framework for GUI applications) are
+encouraged to execute port manipulation operations in a separate worker thread.
+This way, your GUI will still be responsive whilst a port operation takes
+time to perform its tasks. It is, however, not advisable to run port operations
+concurrently. Since most ports have dependencies, unlikely results might
+occur if you installed port "foo" and at the same time attempted to uninstall
+port "bar".
+The source code contains a Test Bundle project and various other classes
+that demonstrate usage of the Framework.
+The framework is still in its beta stage and is distributed under the
+BSD Lisence http://opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php.
+armahg at macports.org

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