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 MacPorts.Framework is currently distributed as a port named MacPorts_Framework.
 If you have MacPorts installed, you can install by entering (without the quotes)
 "port install MacPorts_Framework" or "sudo install MacPorts_Framework" (if
-your MacPorts installation requires permissions) into the command line 
+your MacPorts installation requires permissions) into the command line (Terminal.app).
 The installed MacPorts.Framework is located in /Library/Frameworks/.
 Alternatively, you can download the source code using svn and build it
 with Xcode 3.0 or later.
-"svn co https://svn.macosforge.org/repository/macports/branches/gsoc08-framework/MacPorts_Framework_Release"
+"svn co https://svn.macosforge.org/repository/macports/contrib/MacPorts_Framework"
 Documentation for the Framework classes can also be obtained with svn:
-"svn co https://svn.macosforge.org/repository/macports/branches/gsoc08-framework/MacPorts_Framework_Documentation"
-or you can download a .zip version from
+"svn co https://svn.macosforge.org/repository/macports/branches/gsoc08-framework/MacPorts_Framework_Documentation" or you can download a .zip version from
@@ -59,7 +56,7 @@
 The framework is still in its beta stage and is distributed under the
-BSD Lisence http://opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php.
+BSD Lisence http://opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php .
 armahg at macports.org
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