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 port clean --work <port>
+== Inactive port can't be removed even though a newer version is installed ==
+If, after upgrading a port, you find you can't remove the older, inactive, version because {{{port}}} tells you it is a dependency of another port, this is a bug in 1.6.  The simple fix is to force it: {{{sudo port -f uninstall <port> @<older_version>}}} (replacing <port> with the port name and <older_version> with the version string for the older version).  For example, if you've upgraded libpng recently, a {{{port installed libpng}}} may show
+  libpng @1.2.30_0
+  libpng @1.2.31_0 (active)
+Running {{{sudo port uninstall libpng}}} or {{{sudo port uninstall libpng @1.2.30_0}}} will complain that other ports depend on libpng and you can't uninstall.  Simply add a -f to get it to go: {{{sudo port -f uninstall libpng @1.2.30_0}}}.  Just make sure you remove the older, inactive version.
+This issue has been fixed on trunk.


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