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Author:   febeling at macports.org
Date:     2008-09-24 11:48:48 -0700 (Wed, 24 Sep 2008)
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ReadMe.txt: add a few notes and clarifications on the usage

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--- contrib/mpab/ReadMe.txt	2008-09-24 16:57:51 UTC (rev 40195)
+++ contrib/mpab/ReadMe.txt	2008-09-24 18:48:48 UTC (rev 40196)
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
 If you already have MacPorts from svn, run this instead of the first command
 above, then do the rest:
    svn export /path/to/macports/svn/trunk mpexport
@@ -55,10 +56,26 @@
 environment, which involves copying several gigabytes of files into
 said chroot...be patient.
-You can also run 'sudo ./mpab help' to see what commands can be used with
+To build only a certain set of ports you need a file containing the
+list of the port names. The `port list' command adds more information
+than you want here, like version and category.  To create an list for
+mpab consumption, you can use something like this:
+  port echo maintainer:YOURNAME > own_ports
+and then
+  sudo ./mpab buildports own_ports
+You can run './mpab help' to see what commands can be used with
+Note that ports don't get rebuild when you run this twice, since they
+get stored as package once built sucessfully, and only rebuild when
+the version or revision gets changed. The port file definitions come
+from the macports_dist.tar.bz2 file you used for creating the disk images.
 mpab creates several disk images:
@@ -74,9 +91,10 @@
 When the OS version is updated, both mproot.dmg and mproot.dmg.shadow
 should be deleted so they can be rebuilt.  Any time you want to clean out
-the MacPorts stuff within the chroot but not rebuild the entire environment,
+the built MacPorts within the chroot but not rebuild the entire environment,
 you can delete just mproot.dmg.shadow, to start from scratch.  Note if you
-want to rebuild MacPorts, mpab has a rebuildmp target to do just that.
+want to rebuild MacPorts program and libraries, mpab has a rebuildmp target
+to do just that.
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