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-= Subscribe to a Mailing List =
+= Subscribe to a Mailing List = #subscribe
 There are several mailing lists related to MacPorts:
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 You need to be subscribed to post to these mailing lists as an anti-spam measurement. To subscribe, visit the pages linked above, which contain further instructions.
-= MacPorts List Archives =
+= Short Introduction to Mailing Lists = #intro
+== Filter == #intro.filter
+Create a new mail folder for this mailing list, where all the mails you will get through the list should be collected. As next step, set up a mail filter in your mail client to filter all mails with `To` or `CC` containing the list address `<listname>@lists.macosforge.org` to this new created folder. This prevents your Inbox from getting spammed with lots of mails and offers clear distinction which mail arrived through which list.
+== Reply == #intro.reply
+When replying to a mail from the mailing list, it is important that you use the '''Reply All''' button in your mail client. This way the mail will not only go to the author of the mail you are about to reply to, but also to the list. You usually want to address the whole list, so others are always able to chime in or can benefit from your reports.
+= MacPorts List Archives = #archives
 Searchable archives of MacPorts' mailing lists are available at Gmane.org.
  * [http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.os.apple.macports.user macports-users]
  * [http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.os.apple.macports.devel macports-dev]
-=== Legacy DarwinPorts List Archives ===
+=== Legacy DarwinPorts List Archives === #archives.legacy
 The original DarwinPorts' mail archives (activity ceased September 6th, 2006) are here:


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