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@@ -4858,6 +4858,8 @@
 variants gui portdir multimedia/tablet-encode description {Transcoding video files for Nokia Internet Tablets} homepage http://mediautils.garage.maemo.org/tablet-encode.html epoch 0 depends_run {path:bin/perl:perl5 port:MPlayer} platforms darwin name tablet-encode long_description {As the Nokia Internet Tablets have relatively slow processors, and relatively little storage space it is a good idea to transcode your videos to a smaller, more suitable format for watching them.} maintainers ecronin categories multimedia version 2.19 revision 0
 tivodecode 855
 variants universal portdir multimedia/tivodecode description {utility to convert .tivo files into mpeg} homepage http://tivodecode.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name tivodecode maintainers css long_description {This software converts a .TiVo file (produced by the TiVoToGo functionality on recent TiVo software releases) to a normal MPEG file. This has the same functionality as using TiVo's supplied DirectShow DLL on Windows with a tool such as DirectShowDump, but is portable to different architectures and operating systems, and runs on the command line using files or pipes. The conversion still requires the valid MAK of the TiVo which recorded the file, so it cannot be used to circumvent their protection, simply to provide the same level of access as is already available on Windows.} categories multimedia version 0.2pre4 revision 0
+tovid 573
+variants universal portdir multimedia/tovid description {a collection of GPL video disc authoring tools} homepage http://tovid.wikia.com/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name tovid depends_lib {port:txt2tags port:MPlayer port:ffmpeg port:mjpegtools port:ImageMagick port:dvdauthor port:dvdrw-tools port:transcode port:sox port:normalize} long_description {{a collection of GPL video disc authoring tools,} tovid can help you create your own DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs for playback on your home DVD player.} maintainers macports at shah.co.nz categories multimedia version 0.31 revision 0
 transcode 1273
 variants {mmx full a52dec faac freetype imagemagick libdv libogg libpostproc libquicktime libtheora libvorbis libxml2 lzo mjpegtools x264 xvid experimental deprecated libsdl no_x11} depends_build {port:pkgconfig port:automake port:autoconf port:libtool bin:autoreconf:autoconf} portdir multimedia/transcode description {Video and audio processing tools} homepage http://www.transcoding.org epoch 1 platforms darwin name transcode depends_lib {port:xorg-libXv port:xorg-libXaw port:xpm path:lib/libavcodec.dylib:ffmpeg port:libmpeg2 port:libdvdread port:jpeg port:lame} long_description {transcode is a suite of tools, all of which are command line utilities, for transcoding various video, audio, and container formats, running on a platform that supports shared libraries and threads. Decoding and encoding is done by modules that are responsible for feeding transcode with raw video/ audio streams (import modules) and encoding the frames (export modules). It includes a variety of video
  and audio filters, including (but not limited to) video de-interlacing, audio resampling, framerate conversion, different resizing algorithms, smoothing, sharpening, denoisifying, and cutting.} maintainers {cogweb.net:lionteeth devans} categories multimedia version 1.1.2 revision 0
 vcdimager 458

Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex.quick
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