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+= !DarwinPorts History =
 !DarwinPorts was started publicly in 2002 by several people at Apple, and was initially hosted at opendarwin.org, at darwinports.opendarwin.org.  In time it gained its own domain, darwinports.org.
 Around that time, another individual registered the .com version of the domain, and initially offered to either work with the !DarwinPorts project or to even transfer the domain permanently:
@@ -10,8 +12,16 @@
 After a time, those behind opendarwin.org began planning the shutdown of that site as a whole.  Hence, everything hosted there would need to move elsewhere.  Eventually, it was decided to rename the project to !MacPorts to illustrate the focus, and by a happy coincidence, get away from the old name and confusing differently-owned sites.  The new project was moved to (and still lives at) MacOSForge, which is hosted by Apple and used for several open source projects.
+= !DarwinPorts .com fraud = #fraud
 Now, that .com site appears to claim "The Original !DarwinPorts" even though the original was the one at opendarwin.org, that it's a weekly mirror of a site that no longer exists, and that the .com will continue to exist even if Apple ceases hosting of !MacPorts.  Of course, since no original development beyond the website is done at the .com site, it'd be stale really fast...
-Note that downloading the official !DarwinPorts/!MacPorts has never and will never ask for your email prior to offering the download.
+Note that downloading the official !DarwinPorts/!MacPorts has never and will never ask for your email or payment for the download.
+== !PayPal Requests == #paypal
+We got a report that this .com page requests PayPal payments using the collected email addresses. Please do not pay to Mat Caughron by any means. He is not affiliated with this project. This money will '''not''' reach this project!
+= References =
 [http://article.gmane.org/gmane.os.apple.macports.devel/3863 Questions still come up concerning the .com confusion]


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