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Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex
--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-04-08 22:37:54 UTC (rev 49392)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-04-08 22:52:52 UTC (rev 49393)
@@ -850,6 +850,8 @@
 variants universal depends_build port:ghc portdir devel/alex description {A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Haskell} homepage http://www.haskell.org/alex/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name alex long_description {Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell, given a description of the tokens to be recognised in the form of regular expressions. It is similar to the tools lex or flex for C/C++.} maintainers gwright categories {devel haskell} version 2.3.1 revision 0
 allegro 392
 variants universal portdir devel/allegro description {A game programming library for C/C++ developers.} homepage http://alleg.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name allegro long_description {Allegro is a game programming library for C/C++ developers distributed freely, supporting many platforms.} maintainers {raimue openmaintainer} categories {devel games} version 4.2.2 revision 1
+ant-contrib 570
+portdir devel/ant-contrib description {A collection of tasks for Apache Ant} homepage http://ant-contrib.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 depends_run port:apache-ant platforms darwin name ant-contrib maintainers hibnet.org:hibou long_description {A collection of tasks for Apache Ant. There are some task on topic such as logic (if, for, foreach,...), network (post,...), performance monitoring tasks (stopwatch,...), platform (osfamily,...), property (propertycopy, propertyregexp, urlencode,...), process (forget, limit), and other.} version 1.0b3 categories devel revision 0
 apache-ant 511
 variants {darwin source} portdir devel/apache-ant description {Java opensource build system} homepage http://ant.apache.org/ epoch 0 platforms {darwin freebsd} name apache-ant maintainers {openmaintainer jberry} long_description {Ant is a Java based build tool. In theory it is kind of like make without make's wrinkles. Ant uses XML build files that define a set of targets. Each target has dependencies (other targets) and contains a set of tasks to perform.} categories {devel java} version 1.7.1 revision 0
 apr 451
@@ -9364,6 +9366,8 @@
 variants {bdb server darwin universal} portdir sysutils/boxbackup description {completely automatic on-line backup system.} homepage http://www.boxbackup.org/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name boxbackup depends_lib {path:bin/perl:perl5 port:openssl port:readline port:openssl} long_description {The backup daemon, bbackupd, runs on all machines to be backed up. The store server daemon, bbstored runs on a central server. Data is sent to the store server, which stores all data on local filesystems, that is, only on local hard drives. Tape or other archive media is not used. The system is designed to be easy to set up and run, and cheap to use. Once set up, there should be no need for user or administrative intervention, apart from usual system maintenance.} maintainers ecronin categories {sysutils net} version 0.11rc2 revision 0
 bsdsfv 356
 portdir sysutils/bsdsfv description {BSD-licensed simple file verification utility} homepage http://bsdsfv.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name bsdsfv maintainers soy.se:simmel long_description {bsdsfv can create and verify simple file verification (.sfv) files in a very flexible and compatible way.} version 1.18 categories sysutils revision 0
+btrfs-progs 396
+portdir sysutils/btrfs-progs description {Btrfs utility programs.} homepage http://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/ epoch 0 platforms {darwin linux} name btrfs-progs depends_lib port:ossp-uuid maintainers googlemail.com:0xffea long_description {Btrfs is a new copy-on-write filesystem. This port contains utilities to create, check and debug btrfs filesystems.} version 0.18 categories sysutils revision 0
 burn-app 411
 variants {universal i386 powerpc} depends_build bin:unzip:unzip portdir sysutils/burn-app description {Burn.app is a burning application for Mac OS X} homepage http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms macosx name burn-app depends_lib port:libiconv long_description {Burn.app is an open source frontend for Apple's DiscBurning Framework} maintainers raimue version 1.721 categories sysutils revision 1
 c-hey 505

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