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--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-04-11 02:15:27 UTC (rev 49496)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-04-11 02:52:35 UTC (rev 49497)
@@ -8038,6 +8038,8 @@
 portdir python/py25-ldap description {object-oriented api for python to access LDAP directory servers} homepage http://python-ldap.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin depends_lib {port:python25 port:openldap port:openssl port:cyrus-sasl2} name py25-ldap maintainers nomaintainer long_description {python-ldap provides an object-oriented API to access LDAP directory servers from Python programs. Mainly it wraps the OpenLDAP 2.x libs for that purpose. Additionally the package contains modules for other LDAP-related stuff (e.g. processing LDIF, LDAPURLs, LDAPv3 schema, etc.).} categories python version 2.3.5 revision 0
 py25-lepton 695
 portdir python/py25-lepton description {Pluggable particle engine and API for Python} homepage http://code.google.com/p/py-lepton/ epoch 0 platforms darwin depends_lib port:python25 name py25-lepton maintainers {blb openmaintainer} long_description {Lepton is a high-performance, pluggable particle engine and API for Python. It is designed for creating graphical special effects for games or other visual applications. The engine is designed to be very flexible and does not rely on any other libraries directly. You can use it either with OpenGL (via pyglet, PyOpenGL, wxPython, etc), or with pygame by selecting the appropriate renderer.} categories {python graphics} version 0.9a revision 0
+py25-levenshtein 632
+portdir python/py25-levenshtein description {python module for fast computation of Levensthein distances} homepage http://code.google.com/p/pylevenshtein/ epoch 0 platforms {darwin freebsd} depends_lib port:python25 name py25-levenshtein maintainers nomaintainer long_description {The Levenshtein Python C extension module contains functions for fast computation of Levenshtein (edit) distance, and edit operations, string similarity, approximate median strings, and generally string averaging, string sequence and set similarity. It supports both normal and Unicode strings.} categories {python textproc} version 0.10.1 revision 0
 py25-libdnet 673
 variants universal portdir python/py25-libdnet description {A python module for the libdnet low-level networking library.} homepage http://libdnet.sourceforge.net epoch 0 platforms darwin name py25-libdnet depends_lib port:libdnet long_description {Libdnet provides a simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines, including: network address manipulation, kernel arp(4) cache and route(4) table lookup and manipulation, network firewalling (IP filter, ipfw, ipchains, pf, ...), network interface lookup and manipulation, raw IP packet and Ethernet frame transmission.} maintainers nzbox.com:msavory categories {python net} version 1.11 revision 0
 py25-libgmail 439

Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex.quick
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