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 === Do Not Hardcode /opt/local ===
 Speaking of {{{reinplace}}}, '''do not''' hardcode {{{/opt/local}}} anywhere! Instead, use {{{reinplace}}} to replace things like {{{${prefix} }}}and {{{${x11prefix} }}}and other variables that can be different on users' systems.
 === Steps to Installing to Destroot ===
- 1. Do nothing: MacPorts already puts{{{ DESTROOT=${destroot}${prefix} }}}into {{{destroot.destdir}}} and most Makefiles support this.
+ 1. Do nothing: MacPorts already puts{{{ DESTDIR=${destroot} }}}into {{{destroot.destdir}}} and most Makefiles support this.
  1. If there is another variable you need to use, overwrite {{{destroot.destdir}}} (perhaps{{{ destroot.destdir INSTALL_ROOT=${destroot}${prefix} }}}or{{{ destroot.destdir PREFIX=${destroot}${prefix} }}}).
  1. If the Makefile doesn't support {{{DESTROOT}}}, request from the author that they do. If they won't or you can't wait for their fix, patch the Makefile to support {{{DESTROOT}}}, or override the destroot phase entirely and {{{xinstall}}} the files into place in the portfile.
  1. Sometimes in {{{post-destroot}}} you have to{{{ reinplace s|${destroot}|| somefiles }}}because the destroot path has gotten inserted into them.


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