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--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-04-27 05:38:50 UTC (rev 50164)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-04-27 05:52:51 UTC (rev 50165)
@@ -2248,6 +2248,8 @@
 variants universal portdir games/euchre description {euchre, a common card game} homepage http://www.cs.umd.edu/~bender/ epoch 0 name euchre depends_lib {port:gtk1 port:gettext port:glib1} maintainers abender at gmail.com long_description {Implementation of the card game euchre in C++ with GUI in GTK.} categories {games x11} version 0.7c revision 0
 fbg 528
 variants universal portdir games/fbg description {Puzzle game similar to Tetris but with improved graphics.} homepage http://fbg.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name fbg depends_lib {port:libsdl port:physfs} long_description {Falling Block Game is a puzzle game that is similar to the Hasbro classic, Tetris. Many such games have been released for a variety of platforms, but most have passable graphics or poor gameplay/piece control.} maintainers {jmpp openmaintainer} categories {games aqua} version 0.9 revision 0
+fizmo 1078
+portdir games/fizmo description {Console-based Z-Machine interpreter for Infocom games.} homepage http://spellbreaker.org/~chrender/fizmo/ epoch 0 platforms {darwin linux} name fizmo depends_lib {port:ncursesw port:libsdl_sound port:libsndfile port:libxml2} maintainers spellbreaker.org:Christoph.Ender long_description {Fizmo is a Z-Machine interpreter (Fizmo Interprets Z-Machine Opcodes) which allows you to run Infocom- and most other Z-Machine based games -- except version 6 -- on POSIX-like systems which provide a ncursesw (note the 'w') library. It has been successfully compiled on Debian based Linux, Mac OS X (with MacPorts providing ncursesw) and Windows (using Cygwin and a self-compiled ncursesw library). This is a console-style application, meaning that it runs in textmode and does not provide any GUI whatsoever. For more information about Infocom and interactive fiction, see the 'New to IF' section at http://www.ifarchive.org. Games are available from http://www.ifar
 chive.org/indexes/if-archiveXgamesXzcode.html} version 0.6.3 categories games revision 0
 flobopuyo 342
 portdir games/flobopuyo description FloboPuyo homepage http://www.ios-software.com/?page=projet&quoi=29 epoch 0 platforms darwin name flobopuyo depends_lib {port:libsdl port:libsdl_image port:libsdl_mixer} maintainers {afb at macports.org openmaintainer} long_description {Clone of the famous PuyoPuyo.} categories games version 0.20 revision 0
 fortune 352

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