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 Unfortunately, there are useful things that end up buried in the Guide. For example, if you're developing against mysql5 (where multiple packages might create the mysql5 binary), you'd want to [http://guide.macports.org/#reference.dependencies.types depend on the binary] instead of a specific port.  This is accomplished in [source:trunk/dports/www/php5/Portfile#L264 php5] through {{{depends_lib-append path:bin/mysql_config5:mysql5}}}.  '''Note:''' The trailing mysql5 indicates which port to be installed if the binary cannot be found.
 Also hidden (to the point where I cannot find it) is how to write wrapper scripts; [source:trunk/dports/x11/wine/ wine] is considered the poster-portfile. Another example is [source:trunk/dports/math/pspp/ pspp]. The scripts should be included in the port's {{{files}}} directory and dynamically modified through the portfile by the [http://guide.macports.org/#reference.tcl-extensions tcl extensions], {{{xinstall}}} and {{{reinplace}}}.
+Also to be remembered: If at any point you need to see what MacPorts is actually doing with your portfile, use the {{{-d}}} flag.
 === Steps to Decide When to Use Patch Files ===
  1. Do nothing: MacPorts already puts{{{ --prefix=${prefix} }}}in {{{configure.pre_args}}} and most software uses configure scripts and most configure scripts understand that flag.
  1. If there is another flag you need to use instead, overwrite {{{configure.pre_args}}}.


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