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 This could be extended with the interaction with a server side application like MPWA that could consume these logs (read MPWA proposal). A more detailed draft of this task can be found on the LoggingProposal page.
 Classification: medium task to relatively challenging[[BR]]
-Programming languages: Tcl and C
+Programming languages: Tcl and C[[BR]]
 Potential mentor: jmpp, wms
 ==== Configuration files handling ====
@@ -72,8 +72,8 @@
 For this task, investigate how other package management systems handle this. Find the best way to support it in MacPorts and implement it.
-Classification: medium task
-Programming languages: Tcl
+Classification: easy to medium task[[BR]]
+Programming languages: Tcl[[BR]]
 Potential mentor: raimue
 ==== Python Group ====


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