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 and don't think about it ever again.
 If you want to test MacPorts Tcl extensions, you need to require the appropriate packages.
-[[BR]]For example:
+For access to the 'strsed', 'reinplace', and other macport commands,
+put the following into ~/bin/macports_testing.tcl:
-$ tclsh
-% source /Library/Tcl/macports1.0/macports_fastload.tcl
-% package require Pextlib
+source /Library/Tcl/macports1.0/macports_fastload.tcl
+package require macports 1.0
+set portarchivemode no
+package require port 1.0
+package require Pextlib
+set prefix /opt/local
+Then source the file in tclsh8.4 (tcl8.4 is used, as of May, 2009), i.e.:
+$ rlwrap tclsh8.4
+% source ~/bin/macports_testing.tcl
 % strsed "foo" "s/f/m/"
 == Syntax Coloring When Editing Portfiles with Text Editors ==


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