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Date:     2009-10-14 08:54:26 -0700 (Wed, 14 Oct 2009)
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Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex
--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-10-14 15:36:14 UTC (rev 59395)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2009-10-14 15:54:26 UTC (rev 59396)
@@ -10110,6 +10110,8 @@
 variants {i386 gcc43 g95 octave java python25 gdc universal} depends_build {port:cmake path:bin/pkg-config:pkgconfig} portdir science/plplot description {Scientific plotting package} homepage http://plplot.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin depends_lib {port:expat port:fontconfig port:freefont-ttf port:freetype port:libiconv port:libLASi port:libpng path:lib/pkgconfig/pango.pc:pango port:swig port:tcl port:tk port:aquaterm port:antigraingeometry port:zlib port:gcc43} name plplot long_description {PLplot is a cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots. To help accomplish that task it is organized as a core C library, language bindings for that library, and device drivers which control how the plots are presented in non-interactive and interactive plotting contexts.} maintainers takeshi categories science version 5.9.4 revision 2
 pvm 616
 variants {darwin_8 darwin_9} portdir science/pvm description {pvm permits a network of computers to act as a cluster} homepage http://www.csm.ornl.gov/pvm/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name pvm long_description {PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) is a software package that permits a heterogeneous collection of Unix and/or Windows computers hooked together by a network to be used as a single large parallel computer. Thus large computational problems can be solved more cost effectively by using the aggregate power and memory of many computers.} maintainers mww categories {science parallel net} version 3.4.5 revision 1
+pymol 570
+portdir science/pymol description {Molecular graphics system} depends_fetch port:subversion homepage http://www.pymol.org/ depends_run port:xdpyinfo epoch 0 platforms darwin depends_lib {port:glut port:freetype port:libpng port:python26 port:py26-pmw port:py26-numeric} name pymol long_description {PyMOL is a molecular graphics system with an embedded Python interpreter designed for real-time visualization and rapid generation of high-quality molecular graphics images and animations.} maintainers bromo.med.uc.edu:howarth categories science version 1.2r2 revision 0
 qucs 445
 variants universal portdir science/qucs description {an integrated circuit simulator} homepage http://qucs.sourceforge.net/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name qucs depends_lib {port:qt3-mac port:freehdl port:libtool port:iverilog port:asco} long_description {Qucs is an integrated circuit simulator. You can setup an circut with graphical user interface. It's based on QT} maintainers rowue categories {science electronics} version 0.0.15 revision 0
 rasmol 491

Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex.quick
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