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Revision: 62385
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Date:     2010-01-05 16:54:23 -0800 (Tue, 05 Jan 2010)
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Total number of ports parsed:	6476 
Ports successfully parsed:	6476	 
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Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex
--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2010-01-05 23:54:25 UTC (rev 62384)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2010-01-06 00:54:23 UTC (rev 62385)
@@ -1384,6 +1384,8 @@
 variants universal portdir devel/google-sparsehash description {An extremely memory-efficient hash_map implementation} homepage http://code.google.com/p/google-sparsehash/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name google-sparsehash long_description {An extremely memory-efficient hash_map implementation. 2 bits/entry overhead! The SparseHash library contains several hash-map implementations, including implementations that optimize for space or speed. These hashtable implementations are similar in API to SGI's hash_map class, but with different performance characteristics. It's easy to replace hash_map by sparse_hash_map or dense_hash_map in C++ code.} maintainers piu.fm:a categories devel version 1.4 revision 0
 google-test 701
 variants universal portdir devel/google-test description {Google's framework for writing C++ tests on a variety of platforms.} homepage http://code.google.com/p/googletest/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name google-test long_description {Google's framework for writing C++ tests on a variety of platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Cygwin, Windows CE, and Symbian). Based on the xUnit architecture. Supports automatic test discovery, a rich set of assertions, user-defined assertions, death tests, fatal and non-fatal failures, value- and type-parameterized tests, various options for running the tests, and XML test report generation.} maintainers openmaintainer categories devel version 1.4.0 revision 0
+gource 468
+variants universal portdir devel/gource description {Version Control Visualization Tool} homepage http://code.google.com/p/gource/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name gource depends_lib {port:ftgl port:libsdl port:libsdl_image port:pcre port:libpng port:jpeg} long_description {Gource is a tool that can be used to visualize who committed when, and to which files. It supports git, CVS, Mercurial, and svn.} maintainers nomaintainer categories devel version 0.23 revision 0
 gpatch 583
 variants universal portdir devel/gpatch description {GNU patch, for applying diffs to files} homepage http://www.gnu.org/software/patch/ epoch 0 platforms {darwin sunos} name gpatch long_description {The GNU patch adds support for: handling arbitrary binary data and large files. the unified context diff format that GNU diff can produce. making GNU Emacs-style backup files. improved interaction with RCS and SCCS. the GNU conventions for option parsing and configuring and compilation. better POSIX.2 compliance.} maintainers nomaintainer categories devel version 2.5.9 revision 0
 gperf 322

Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex.quick
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