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port and portfile man pages: document the notes variable and command

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@@ -282,6 +282,10 @@
 .Dl "port info --line --category --name all"
 .Dl "port info --pretty --fullname --depends gtk2"
 .Dl "port info --index python24"
+.Ss notes
+Displays notes for 
+.Ar portname
+(useful information concerning setup and use of the port).
 .Ss variants
 Lists the build variants available for
 .Ar portname .

Modified: trunk/base/doc/portfile.7
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+++ trunk/base/doc/portfile.7	2010-01-12 05:16:09 UTC (rev 62610)
@@ -129,6 +129,37 @@
     painting, processing, and rendering tools.
+.It Ic notes
+Notes for setup and use of the port.  This is shown after the port is
+activated and anytime the
+.Ic notes
+command is used; for example:
+.Dl "port notes python26"
+The advantage to using
+.Ic notes
+instead of
+.Ic ui_msg
+is that it can be queried after a port is installed but
+.Ic ui_msg
+is only printed during an install.  Therefore
+.Ic notes
+is good for any information which may be needed anytime after an install.
+.Sy Type:
+.Em optional
+.Sy Example:
+.Bd -literal -offset indent -compact
+notes To fully complete your installation and make python \e\
+   ${branch} the default, please run: \e\
+   sudo port install python_select \e\
+   sudo python_select ${name}
 .It Ic revision
 Local revision number of
 .Nm .
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