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Date:     2010-01-23 07:54:40 -0800 (Sat, 23 Jan 2010)
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Ports successfully parsed:	6568	 
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Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex
--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2010-01-23 15:29:27 UTC (rev 63012)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2010-01-23 15:54:40 UTC (rev 63013)
@@ -10780,6 +10780,8 @@
 variants universal portdir security/pwman description {curses based password management program} homepage http://sourceforge.net/projects/pwman epoch 0 platforms darwin name pwman depends_lib {port:ncurses port:libxml2 port:gnupg} long_description {PWman is a curses based password storage application. It uses GnuPG to encrypt and decrypt the password file. The interface was inspired by Jaako Heinonen's abook.} maintainers oaf.dk:mni categories security version 0.3.8 revision 0
 pwsafe 404
 variants universal portdir security/pwsafe description {manage encrypted password databases} homepage http://nsd.dyndns.org/pwsafe/ epoch 0 platforms darwin name pwsafe depends_lib {port:readline port:openssl port:ncurses port:xorg-libXmu} long_description {pwsafe is a command-line program that manages encrypted password databases} maintainers nomaintainer categories security version 0.2.0 revision 2
+rats 516
+variants universal portdir security/rats description {Rough Auditing Tool for Security} homepage http://www.fortify.com/security-resources/rats.jsp epoch 0 platforms darwin name rats depends_lib port:expat long_description {RATS is a tool for scanning C, C++, Perl, PHP and Python source code and flagging common security related programming errors such as buffer overflows and TOCTOU (Time Of Check, Time Of Use) race conditions.} maintainers {nox openmaintainer} categories {security devel} version 2.3 revision 0
 rsyncrypto 793
 variants universal portdir security/rsyncrypto description {rsync friendly file encryption} homepage http://sourceforge.net/projects/rsyncrypto epoch 0 platforms darwin name rsyncrypto depends_lib {port:argtable port:gzip port:openssl port:zlib} long_description {A slightly reduced strength bulk encryption. In exchange for the reduced strength, you get the ability to rsync the encrypted files, so that local changes in the plaintext file will result in (relatively) local changes to the cyphertext file. To work out of the box, rsyncrypto requires a version of gzip installed with the +rsyncable variant. MacPorts can't express this dependency, so you'll probably have to (re)install the gzip port manually.} maintainers JustinLove.name:macports categories security version 1.12 revision 0
 sancp 520

Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex.quick
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