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--- Migration (version: 18)
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@@ -27,3 +27,22 @@
 sudo port install portname +variant1 +variant2 ...
 Note that if you have specified variants which are not the default, you may need to install ports in an order other than the alphabetical order recorded in `myports.txt`.
+=== Automatically reinstall ports === #autoinstall
+If you want to do the whole procedure automatically instead, including handling dependencies, you can run the following commands to build a Makefile for running the reinstalls in the right order.  (Not needed If you already ran the steps in the previous section.)
+port installed |grep -v '^The following' | awk '{print $1}' > myports.txt
+echo "all: $(cat myports.txt|tr '\n' ' ')" > Makefile.portsupgrade
+for port in $(cat myports.txt); do
+  echo "$port: $(port deps $port|grep Dependencies:|sed -e 's/.*Dependencies: *//;s/,//g'|tr '\n' ' ')"
+  printf "\tport -f uninstall $port\n\tport install $port\n"
+done | tee -a Makefile.portsupgrade
+make -f Makefile.portsupgrade


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