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  Of course, having mirrors that no longer exist listed in a portfile is not useful (even if it doesn't cause problems when using working DNS servers), so the maintainer should remove them.
+ * '''You are using a free or paid public wi-fi hotspot that requires you to log in, but you have not logged in.''' Many public wi-fi hotspots at coffee shops, airports and hotels require you to log in before you are allowed to access arbitrary Internet resources, and before you've done so, will serve up a web page telling you this when you attempt to visit any address. Open a web browser and access any web page; if you are prompted to log in to such a system, do so, and ensure you're able to view e.g. the MacPorts web site.
  * '''You are behind a proxy that is denying access to the download site.''' Many proxies serve an HTML error page in this case, and some do not use the correct HTTP response code. Ask your network administrator to allow access to the relevant site, and to configure the proxy to use the correct response code when serving error pages.
  * '''The download site no longer has the file, and does not indicate this with the correct response code.''' Usually such mirrors should be removed from portfiles, so feel free to ask the maintainer to do so. You could also ask the owner of the mirror to fix their server configuration.


* The IP shown here might not mean anything if the user or the server is
behind a proxy.

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