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Date:     2010-07-31 14:08:25 -0700 (Sat, 31 Jul 2010)
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Guide - add note about attaching log files from install errors

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@@ -69,7 +69,10 @@
       <para>Once you are logged into Trac, you may click <ulink
       url="http://trac.macports.org/newticket">New Ticket</ulink> and you
       will be presented with a new ticket window shown in the graphic below.
-      Follow the Trac ticket guidelines below to fill out the form.</para>
+      Follow the Trac ticket guidelines below to fill out the form. If you are
+      reporting a failed port install and a log was mentioned in the error,
+      please use the "I have files to attach to this ticket" checkbox to add
+      that log file to the ticket.</para>
         <screeninfo>A new Trac ticket</screeninfo>
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