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 = Tutorial for the setup of a mail server using MacPorts software =
- * Audience: Advanced setup of an E-mail server 
+ * Audience: Advanced setup of Electronic Mail 
  * Requires: MacPorts >= 1.9.1
+ * Created: 31 July 2010; Revision: 31 July 2010
 == Introduction ==
-This represents an attempt to describe a step by step process to convert OSX Snow Leopard (1.6) into a mail server for a Home user or Small business.
+Despite its simple seeming exterior, Electronic Mail is a complex interaction of multiple different pieces of software from many sources.
+Fortunately, MacPorts has made the porting and installation of these parts "easy."
+Decisions made by the System Administrator (i.e. the person installing the software) control the various features available for mail delivery, mail reading and system maintenance. 
+This document represents an attempt to describe a step by step process to convert OSX Snow Leopard (1.6) into a mail server for a Home user(s) or Small business.
 It attempts to gather into one location information which is useful or necessary to accomplish this goal.
-http://wiki2.dovecot.org describes Dovecot V2.0 -- including an excellent "Generic information about mail servers!"
+The goal here is to create a system which utilizes MacPorts and native Apple software so that the resulting system becomes as "automagically" self-maintaing, and as immune to "gotchas' caused by Apple system updates as possible.
 See also the [wiki:howto/SetupFetchmail Fetchmail] ->  [wiki:howto/SetupPostfix Postfix] -> [wiki:howto/SetupDovecot Dovecot] 
 for additional discussions and perspectives on the process.
 A list of Home pages for the various products used can be found at the end of this document:
+=== Why did I write this? ===
+Even though I've been a Unix System Administrator for over 30 years and have done this many different times, every time I do it on a new system, I find that not only do I have to start over again from scratch because the technology has "changed" but that I have to keep trying to find my "old notes." .... :) And, invariably, I find I have "forgotten" to do something "FIRST" necessitating to start over again.
+This document represents "my favorite" Electronic Mail tools. All are "Open Software" of one form or another -- most under the GPL - http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
+There are other options available.
 == Installation ==
 === Step 1: '''Do a little planning''' ===
-Consider the software functionality which you might want to install.
+For a starting definition of terms and concepts.... 
+http://wiki2.dovecot.org describes Dovecot V2.0 -- including an excellent "Generic information about mail servers!"
+An excellent graphical depiction of the Electronic Mail process can be found at:
-OSX 10.6 contains an installation of Procmail.
+Consider the software functionality which you might want to provide and the software necessary to install (AND maintain).
+ * MUA - Mail User Agent aka Email Client - used by the end user to read their mail.
+   * Apple Mail - mail readable from a single location or 
+   * Webmail  - mail readable from any location via a web browser.
+ * MTA
+   * Postfix
+   * Sendmail
+   * Fetchmail
+   * qmail
+ * MDA - Dovecot / Procmail
+   * POP 
+   * IMAP
+ * SASL - authorization
+ * Spam Assassin - Spam Scan
+ * 
+OSX 10.6 contains an installation of Procmail. This version can be utilized or disabled and replace by the MacPorts install.
+This document will describe the MacPorts installation of Procmail.
+Similarly, Apple Mail provides functionality similar to FetchMail and Spam Assassin. 
 == Configuration ==
+Where are you going to put things...? Most everything can be put where MacPorts wants to put them with no problem.
+The only item of particular concern is the location of the mail spool, as this could become potentially large and one might want to place it on a separate disk.
+Similarly, by configuring log files to be in the 
 == Optional Parts ==
@@ -40,10 +73,14 @@
  * Procmail: http://www.postfix.org
  * FetchMail:
  * Dovecot: http://dovecot.org
- * Procmail
+ * Procmail: http://procmail.org
  * SASL
- * 
+ * Spam Assassin
+ * Clam Antivirus
+ * Sendmail http://www.sendmail.org The "Original" MTA on the Internet.
+ * Qmail: http://qmailrocks.org Site apparently last updated in 2006 (?last? Version - 1.03 , from the author Dan Bernstein http://cr.yp.to/qmail.html updated apparently in 1998 )


* The IP shown here might not mean anything if the user or the server is
behind a proxy.

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