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 Programming languages: Tcl and C[[BR]]
 Potential mentors: TBD
+# Done 2009
 ==== Logging ==== #logging
 Currently MacPorts has no notion of logging of build activities of a given port or sets of ports. When a build is attempted but an error keeps it from completing, there's no way to track the problem other than the build progress that was output to the terminal, if verbose mode was requested in the first place. Otherwise, the build environment has to be pruned and the build attempted once again to even get a look at the precise error message. This is particularly problematic when automated builds are attempted, since there's usually no one around to have a look at the failure spew. An infrastructure to remedy this situation and endow MacPorts with a rich set of logging capabilities has to be developed to open up the door to true automated build runs of large sets of ports and thus to packaging of binaries, since with logging we'd have a fully reliable way of catching, reporting and processing of all sorts of fetch/configure/build/destroot/install/etc errors.
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 Classification: medium task to relatively challenging[[BR]]
 Programming languages: Tcl and C[[BR]]
 Potential mentor: blb
 ==== Configuration files handling ==== #configfiles


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