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  * XWindows (X11) is required for many MacPorts apps and it is highly recommended that you install it even if you don't plan to run X11 apps immediately.
  * The X11SDK is also required to run X11 software, but it is installed by default during the Xcode Tools install above.  If you wish to check to see if X11 (X11User) and X11SDK are installed, look in /Library/Receipts for the files ''X11User.pkg'' and ''X11SDK.pkg''.
- * OS X 10.3 users can optionally get the X11 software from the [http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/x11formacosx.html Apple] download site.
 = 3. Set the shell environment =
 Setting the Unix shell environment is critical for MacPorts to function. 


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