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Revision: 65668
Author:   portindex at macports.org
Date:     2010-03-29 20:54:36 -0700 (Mon, 29 Mar 2010)
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Total number of ports parsed:	6782 
Ports successfully parsed:	6782	 
Ports failed:			0

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Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex
--- trunk/dports/PortIndex	2010-03-30 03:13:23 UTC (rev 65667)
+++ trunk/dports/PortIndex	2010-03-30 03:54:36 UTC (rev 65668)
@@ -1604,6 +1604,8 @@
 variants universal depends_build {bin:ghc:ghc port:autoconf port:automake port:libtool} portdir devel/hs-plugins description {A plugin library for Haskell} homepage http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons/hs-plugins/hs-plugins.html epoch 20050407 platforms darwin name hs-plugins long_description {hs-plugins was originally designed as a system for replacing all the various configuration languages in existence (particularly mutt and vim) but developed to be very suitable for plugins in general.} maintainers nomaintainer license unknown categories devel version 20050407 revision 1
 hs-pointedlist 640
 depends_build {port:ghc port:hs-binary port:hs-data-accessor} portdir devel/hs-pointedlist description {A zipper-like comonad which works as a list, tracking a position} homepage http://hackage.haskell.org/package/pointedlist epoch 0 platforms darwin name hs-pointedlist license unknown maintainers {nox openmaintainer} long_description {A PointedList tracks the position in a non-empty list which works similarly to a zipper. A current item is always required, and therefore the list may never be empty. A circular PointedList wraps around to the other end when progressing past the actual edge.} categories devel version 0.3.5 revision 0
+hs-polyparse 706
+depends_build port:ghc portdir devel/hs-polyparse description {a variety of alternative parser combinator libraries} homepage http://hackage.haskell.org/package/polyparse epoch 0 platforms darwin depends_lib port:ghc name hs-polyparse license unknown maintainers nomaintainer long_description {polyparse is {a variety of alternative parser combinator libraries,} including the original HuttonMeijer set. The Poly sets have features like good error reporting, arbitrary token type, running state, lazy parsing, and so on. Finally, Text.Parse is a proposed replacement for the standard Read class, for better deserialisation of Haskell values from Strings.} categories {devel haskell} version 1.4 revision 0
 hs-primitive 405
 depends_build port:ghc portdir devel/hs-primitive description {Wrappers for primitive operations} homepage http://hackage.haskell.org/package/primitive epoch 0 platforms darwin depends_lib port:ghc name hs-primitive license unknown maintainers nomaintainer long_description {This package provides wrappers for primitive array operations from GHC.Prim.} categories {devel haskell} version 0.2.1 revision 0
 hs-process 358

Modified: trunk/dports/PortIndex.quick
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