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Fri Mar 4 22:08:19 PST 2011

Revision: 76676
Author:   jmr at macports.org
Date:     2011-03-04 22:08:18 -0800 (Fri, 04 Mar 2011)
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port.1: document --follow-dependencies flag for uninstall

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Modified: trunk/base/doc/port.1
--- trunk/base/doc/port.1	2011-03-05 01:41:53 UTC (rev 76675)
+++ trunk/base/doc/port.1	2011-03-05 06:08:18 UTC (rev 76676)
@@ -362,8 +362,15 @@
 .Ar portname .
 To uninstall all installed but inactive ports, use
 .Fl u .
-To recursively uninstall all dependents of this port, use
+To recursively uninstall all dependents of
+.Ar portname
+before uninstalling the port itself, use
 .Fl -follow-dependents .
+To uninstall
+.Ar portname
+and then recursively uninstall all its dependencies, use
+.Fl -follow-dependencies .
+This will not uninstall dependencies that are marked as requested or that have other dependents.
 For example:
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