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 Programming language: Tcl[[BR]]
 Potential mentors: TBD
+==== Check for software update / ports needing upgrade ==== #livecheck
+The livecheck mechanism could be extended to automatically send reports when ports are outdated, similar to how the lint mechanism sends reports on portfile commits.
+Classification: easy[[BR]] 
+Programming languages: Tcl[[BR]] 
+Potential mentor: TBD 
 ==== Scan for broken dynamic libraries for rebuild ==== #rev-upgrade 
 Upgrading any port can naturally break its dependents if using dynamic libraries. The only way to fix this is currently rebuilding all dependents, no matter if necessary or not. MacPorts should get a new command to scan installed dynamic libraries and binaries for linker errors and mark the corresponding port for rebuild. After checking all files, broken ones should get rebuild in the correct order. Probably it has to do the check again after each set of rebuilds. 


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