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  * macports-dragonegg-3.3
 Compiler names beginning with "macports" use ports in MacPorts
-(e.g. "macports-gcc-4.2" corresponds to the gcc42 port).
+(e.g. "macports-gcc-4.7" corresponds to the gcc47 port).
 So do those whose names begin with "apple"
-(e.g. "apple-gcc-4.0" corresponds to the apple-gcc40 port).
+(e.g. "apple-gcc-4.2" corresponds to the apple-gcc42 port).
 The remaining compiler names refer to compilers installed by Xcode
-(e.g. "gcc-4.0" is the gcc 4.0.1 compiler installed by Xcode).
-Note that if you set ${configure.compiler} to a compiler provided by a MacPorts port,
+(e.g. "gcc-4.2" is the gcc 4.2.1 compiler installed by Xcode).
+Note that until the release of MacPorts 2.2,
+if you set ${configure.compiler} to a compiler provided by a MacPorts port,
 you must also declare a library dependency on that port.
 For the MacPorts gcc 4 compilers,

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