propchange - r102932 svn:log

ryandesign at ryandesign at
Wed Feb 20 00:11:57 PST 2013

Author: ryandesign at (original author: cal at
Revision: 102932
Property Name: svn:log

--- /var/tmp/revprops/pre-102932-ryandesign at	2013-02-20 00:11:57.680538971 -0800
+++ /var/tmp/revprops/post-102932-ryandesign at	2013-02-20 00:11:57.748386199 -0800
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 Automatically add dependency on MacPorts-provided compilers, if chosen as configure.compiler. Closes #32542.
-This also adds a generic machanism to register callbacks to be run after
+This also adds a generic mechanism to register callbacks to be run after
 sourcing the Portfile and evaluating the variants. This callback
 mechanism can probably be used to simplify other parts of port1.0, e.g.
 automatically adding a dependency on autoconf when use_autoreconf is set

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