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 Programming languages: Tcl, C[[BR]]
 Potential mentor: TBD
-==== Dependency calculation during upgrade ==== #depcalc
-Revamp the upgrade code to figure out (and optionally report) what
-it's going to do and detect conflicts etc. before it actually changes
-anything, and maybe even roll back to the original state if there's a
-Classification: medium[[BR]]
-Programming languages: Tcl, C[[BR]]
-Potential mentor: TBD
+==== Dependency calculation using SAT solving ==== #depcalc
+Implement an interface to a [http://www.mancoosi.org/cudf/ Common Upgradeability Description Format]-based SAT solver and print a summary before executing the calculated plan. If time permits you can try different solvers or implement rolling back on failure.
+Classification: challenging task[[BR]]
+Programming languages: Tcl, C[[BR]]
+Potential mentor: cal
 ==== Reclaim disk space ==== #reclaim

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