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 = Portfile Recipes =
 [[PageOutline(2-3,Table of Contents,inline)]]
-== Branch and major versions == #branch
+== Branch versions and version segments == #branch
 Often times, when a port's version is x.y.z, you want to be able to refer to just the x.y part, for a download URL or for other reasons. The de facto standard way to do this is
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 This splits the version string into an array, takes the first two elements of the array, and glues them back together again.
 This example is from [browser:trunk/dports/devel/glib2 glib2].
-If you need to refer just to the x part (the major version) you can similarly do:
+If you need to refer just one part of the version, you can similarly use:
 set major               [lindex [split ${version} .] 0]
-This splits the version string into an array and returns just the first element.
-This example is from [browser:trunk/dports/lang/php5 php5].
+set minor               [lindex [split ${version} .] 1]
+set patch               [lindex [split ${version} .] 2]
+These split the version string into an array and return the desired element.
+These examples are based on [browser:trunk/dports/lang/php5 php5].
 == Fetching from a URL that uses GET parameters == #fetchwithgetparams

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