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  1. New top-level categories (those which are represented by subdirectories directly beneath dports/) need to be approved prior to adding; secondary categories (the second and later ones listed on the '''categories''' Portfile key) can be added when it makes sense (since these really only show under the web interface, and do not necessarily have a filesystem representation)
  1. Port directory name has to match the ''name'' option in the Portfile
  1. Run `port lint` before committing to be sure not to violate one of the guidelines
- 1. Commit messages should make clear what has been changed:
+ 1. Commit messages should make clear what has been changed (see CommitRules)
   1. Mention the names of the affected ports (or state what they have in common if there are too many to list individually), since this information is not visible in the revision log
   1. Be specific about what changes were made (for example, when updating to a new upstream version, mention the version number) and, if it's not completely obvious, why they were made
   1. Reference any tickets that are related to the change, preferably with a [wiki:TracLinks Trac link]

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