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Date:     2013-10-23 08:12:25 -0700 (Wed, 23 Oct 2013)
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www: revert r112452

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+++ trunk/www/index.php	2013-10-23 15:12:25 UTC (rev 112453)
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
     <p>We provide a single software tree that attempts to track the latest release of every software title (port) we distribute,
     without splitting them into &#8220;stable&#8221; Vs. &#8220;unstable&#8221; branches, targeting mainly the current Mac OS
-    X release (10.9, A.K.A. Mavericks) and the immediately previous two (10.8, A.K.A. Mountain Lion and 10.7, A.K.A. Lion).
+    X release (10.8, A.K.A. Mountain Lion) and the immediately previous two (10.7, A.K.A. Lion and 10.6, A.K.A. Snow Leopard).
     There are currently <a href="ports.php">
     <b><?php print $portsdb_info['num_ports']; ?></b> ports</a> in our tree, distributed among <?php print $portsdb_info['num_categories']; ?>
     different categories, and more are being added on a regular basis.</p>
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