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 Trac can search the full text of tickets, so adding a keyword that already occurs in another field doesn't help for general searching. If we standardise the use of certain keywords, however, it could make finding certain specific types of ticket much easier. This, then, is a suggested list of keywords that we might like to standardise.
 ||= '''Keyword''' =||= '''Meaning''' =||
-|| [query:status=!closed&keywords=~tiger tiger]\\leopard\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~snowleopard snowleopard]\\lion\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~mountainlion mountainlion] || The ticket is only applicable to the indicated OS release(s). ||
+|| [query:status=!closed&keywords=~tiger tiger]\\leopard\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~snowleopard snowleopard]\\lion\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~mountainlion mountainlion]\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~mavericks mavericks] || The ticket is only applicable to the indicated OS release(s). ||
 || [query:status=!closed&keywords=~i386 i386]\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~x86_64 x86_64]\\ppc\\[query:status=!closed&keywords=~ppc64 ppc64] || The ticket is only applicable when using the indicated `build_arch`. ||
 || [query:status=!closed&keywords=~LP64 LP64] || The ticket describes a problem caused by the size of variables of type int, long or pointers on a 64-bit arch. ||

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