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 the maintainer can select a different compiler for that port by overwriting ${configure.cc} and friends,
 but what you probably want to do instead is overwrite the ${configure.compiler} variable,
 which sets all the related variables for you simultaneously.
+However, instead of overriding ${configure.compiler} manually,
+in most cases you should instead use some combination of the following keywords instead:
+ - `compiler.blacklist` (prevent the named compiler from being used)
+ - `compiler.whitelist` (only allow the named compiler to be used)
+ - `compiler.fallback` (if all other compilers are blacklisted, allow the named compiler to be used)
+These keywords all modify the compiler fallback list,
+which can be found in the MacPorts sources:  [[browser:tags/release_2_3_1/base/src/port1.0/portconfigure.tcl#L426]]
 MacPorts knows about several compilers:
 ||= configure.compiler value        =||= Compiler                      =||= Provided by                    =||

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