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 Trace mode is a library preloading-based sandbox used to hide files that a port does not depend on or that are not part of a standard system's installation (such as `/usr/local`). This can avoid problems due to incompatible user-installed software and avoid "automagic" dependencies and increase the reproducibility of builds.
 Unfortunately, enabling trace mode adds a significant performance penalty to the build process. However, the trace mode code can certainly be optimized using appropriate cache data structures, such as a modified [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trie Trie]. Your task would be to identify the performance bottle necks, draft appropriate caching data structures and implement them.
+* Difficulty: Medium to Easy
+* Programming languages: Tcl, C
+* Potential mentors: cal
+===== Auto-detection of build dependencies ===== #dependencies-gen
+When creating a new portfile one of the problems is always the specification of the complete (and preferably minimal) list of build dependencies, especially when one starts with a rather complete install where most dependencies are already available.
+It is possible to invert the trace mode logic so that it detects all files a configure and/or build process accesses, in ${prefix} but outside of the port's build directory. This information can then be used to generate a dependency tree and information from the registry can then be used to simplify that tree so that it only lists direct dependencies.
 * Difficulty: Medium to Easy
 * Programming languages: Tcl, C

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