[147456] trunk/base/src/package1.0/portarchivefetch.tcl

raimue at macports.org raimue at macports.org
Mon Apr 4 07:24:27 PDT 2016

Revision: 147456
Author:   raimue at macports.org
Date:     2016-04-04 07:24:27 -0700 (Mon, 04 Apr 2016)
Log Message:
archivefetch: no fallback to default archive_sites

If a ports tree provides a modified version of a port, falling back to the
default ports tree might fetch a binary archive that was built from a different
Portfile. As this binary archive would not have the expected contents and might
be incompatible, only the archive sites defined for this ports tree should be

Using any globally defined archive site from archive_sites.conf is fine, as we
expect the user to be aware that this has to match the ports trees as defined
in sources.conf.

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/base/src/package1.0/portarchivefetch.tcl
--- trunk/base/src/package1.0/portarchivefetch.tcl	2016-04-04 14:06:34 UTC (rev 147455)
+++ trunk/base/src/package1.0/portarchivefetch.tcl	2016-04-04 14:24:27 UTC (rev 147456)
@@ -137,7 +137,9 @@
 # returns full path to mirror list file
 proc portarchivefetch::get_full_archive_sites_path {} {
     global archive_sites.listfile archive_sites.listpath porturl
-    return [getportresourcepath $porturl [file join ${archive_sites.listpath} ${archive_sites.listfile}]]
+    # look up archive sites only from this ports tree,
+    # do not fallback to the default
+    return [getportresourcepath $porturl [file join ${archive_sites.listpath} ${archive_sites.listfile}] no]
 # Perform the full checksites/checkarchivefiles sequence.
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